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Gaining Clarity: Unique Considerations for the
Ethical and Regulatory Use
of Human Biospecimens in the EU/UK.

The procurement and use of human biospecimens for life science researchers is complex and challenging, with involvement of regional, country and higher authorities. Register for this webinar and learn the unique considerations surrounding the bureaucracy and oversight in the use of human biospecimens in the European Union and the United Kingdom. Developed specifically for regulatory personnel and all levels of researchers in Europe to gain insight and guidance.

Download this webinar and you will learn:

  • Views surrounding compensation vs. reimbursement
  • Different types and uses of non-consented samples (i.e. remnant or waiver of consent)
  • Requirements to ensure the ethical collection and use of non-US samples
  • How BioIVT ensures industry-leading best practices
  • How BioIVT works with you to ensure regulatory oversight

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