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A Biweekly Series Starting May 1, 2020
11 AM ET | 8 AM PT | 4 PM GMT

Join us for BioIVT Chalk Talks – a biweekly series in which our scientific team will discuss the products, research methodologies and services that we provide to our clients to accelerate their R&D programs.

As a leading global provider of biospecimens and research services, we at BioIVT are dedicated to supporting our clients’ research studies.  In the chalk talk series, our subject matter experts will present applications of our ADME-Tox and transporter technologies and answer your questions. The sessions are designed to provide practical information and will be illustrated with case studies. We’ll discuss:

  • Novel models useful in drug discovery;
  • Preparation of biospecimens and product kits that allow researchers to duplicate our methods;
  • In vitro studies to address regulators’ questions;

Whether you need us to provide biospecimens or to help you design and implement ADME-Tox and transporter studies, the experienced team at BioIVT is your partner.


If you missed a past webinar, you can download the presentation and recording here.





May 1  |  11:00 am, ET 
FDA IND Guidance: Considerations for CYP & Transporter Studies
Kenneth Brouwer, PhD, VP Technology, ADME-Tox, Research and Development


May 15  |  11:00 am, ET
Transporter Research: Our Methods, Models, & Applications
Mark Warren,  PhD, Senior Director, Transporter Assay Services


May 29  |  11:00 am, ET 
Kupffer Cells: Methods & Applications
Karissa Cottier, PhD, Research Scientist


June 12  |  11:00 am, ET 
Protein Binding: Implications for Hepatic Disposition Studies
Kenneth Brouwer, PhD, VP Technology, ADME-Tox, Research and Development


June 26  |  11:00 am, ET 
The C-DILI™ Assay: A Novel Method to Predict Risk of Cholestatic Hepatotoxicity
Dr. Kenneth Brouwer, PhD, VP Technology, ADME-Tox, Research and Development


July 10  |  11:00 am, ET 
Expansion of Primary Hepatocytes for Cell Based Toxicity and Metabolism Screening
Timo Johannssen, PhD, Laboratory Head, upcyte® technologies


July 24  |  11:00 am, ET 
HEPATOPAC® Cultures: A Long-Term Hepatic Model for ADME-Tox Investigations
Brenda Hernandez-Santiago, PhD, Manager of Lab Research Services


August 7  |  11:00 am, ET 
Utilizing Primary Human Hepatocytes to Build In Vitro Disease Models
Scott Heyward, Director, Research and Development & Scientific Affairs  


August 21  |  11:00 am, ET 
TRANSFLEX®: Use our Assay Ready Plates for Your Transporter Studies
 Xuexiang "John" Zhang, PhD, Director of Assay and Product Development, Sr. Study Director, Principal Scientist 

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