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Innovative Models for ADME-Tox Research
Improve IVIVC Predictions with Long-term and Whole-cell Hepatocyte Models
Download the presentations from the symposium

Download the presentations from our in person symposium held in Basel, Switzerland on the theory and applications of long-term, whole-cell hepatocyte models, including HEPATOPAC® cultures, spheroids and SCHH. These model systems incorporate metabolism, regulatory, and transporter function to better recapitulate the in vivo condition.

Researchers from industry and BioIVT will present recently published studies and other data on how complex models are being used to investigate the ADME-Tox properties of new drugs and advance discovery and development programs.

  • Learn how your peers are using HEPATOPAC technology and 3D cultures
  • Discover ideas that you can use in your research
  • Uncover opportunities for collaboration

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