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2018 HEPATOPAC® User Group Meeting

BioIVT held its annual HEPATOPAC® User Group Meeting in Boston on October 2018. Below are the presentations from our panel of industry experts illustrating how HEPATOPAC Technology can enhance drug discovery programs and is used to investigate the ADME-Tox profile of drugs in development.

Download the slides from the presentations below: 


miR-122 Release in Exosomes Precedes Overt Tolvaptan-Induced Necrosis in the Human HEPATOPAC® Model
Speaker: Merrie Mosedale, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Paresh Chothe

Evaluation of Transporter-Enzyme Interplay in Drug Disposition Using Micropatterned Co-cultured Hepatocytes (HEPATOPAC® Technology)
Speaker: Paresh P. Chothe, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. 


SSmithHow to Identify Cytochromes P450 that Mediate the Metabolism of Low Turnover Compounds Utilizing Human Pooled HEPATOPAC® Cultures
Sheri Smith, Senior Scientist, Merck & Co, Inc 


Nicole_KratochwilSimultaneous Assessments of ADME Readouts Using the HEPATOPAC® model for a Novel Hepatitis B Virus Inhibitor
Speaker: Nicole A. Kratochwil, Ph.D., Research Pharmacologist, Roche Pharmaceutical


SLouieIntegrated In Vitro Tools to Assess Transporter-Mediated Taurocholate Disposition
Speaker: Steven W. Louie, Director Transporter Sciences, BioIVT 

KBrouwerDevelopment of a Novel Human 3D In Vitro Model for Evaluating New Anti-Fibrotic Drugs
Speaker: Kenneth R. Brouwer, Ph.D., RPh., VP of ADME-Tox, BioIVT


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